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What is Chimere?

"There was no stealth in cyber defense. On the internet, the exposure to hackers was absolute."

From now on, Chimere by Thales brings you cybersealth.

We are driven by a simple premise: the cybersecurity defense of companies is permanently outmatched by attacks. The exposure of services in a hostile environment is advantageous to attackers despite the significant investment in terms of cyber defense.


We offer the next-generation remote access service, based on concepts and technologies from the world of hacking. Our solution is part of the Zero Trust and Secured by Design approaches. By hiding the services in a private darknet, they are no longer exposed and the associated risk is reduced from 25% to 65%.

Key numbers


Information system compromises are associated with the exposure of a service on the Internet.


The vast majority of exploited vulnerabilities on services are more than 3 years old.


The severity of vulnerabilities on exposed services is reduced thanks to Chimere.

A private darknet

Chimere is the next-generation stealth remote access solution. It addresses the concerns related to the exposure of services in hostile environments. It relies on the use of a darknet in SaaS mode of which all nodes are currently operated by the Chimere team.

What is the benefit of using Chimere?


No service exposed on the internet

Unlike conventional remote access solutions such as VPNs, with Chimere by Thales, there is no exposed nor listening service on the Internet. For attackers, no more exposure means no entry point to be found nor exploited. We use the same technology that hackers use in their attacks, apart from the fact that we use it to protect you.


A SaaS and Zero-Trust solution

Chimere by Thales is a SaaS solution hosted on several clouds in France and Europe. The Darknet solution is natively Zero-Trust, making it possible to use multiple cloud providers without losing the confidentiality of your data.


Worry-free security teams

Today's operational security teams are under constant pressure to deal with threats that comes from everywhere. We offer them a solution that will free up their time by eliminating the risk associated with the exposure of services on the Internet and mitigating the risk associated with vulnerabilities.

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